Coming in 2015

A New Spin on the Platformer

Ever wonder what goes on inside your parents' toolbar and virus infested computer? This is your chance to help defend the system from a onslaught of crippling malware. Join the desperate fight to dislodge entrenched viruses before a devastating computer crash.

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Targeted release second half of 2015 for PC / Mac / Linux

Exception is a 2.5D platformer game that combines intense action and transforming levels to bring a new experience to an established genre. Levels flip, rotate and manipulate themselves to radically alter the landscape in ways rarely seen from a platform game.

Battle across more than a hundred inventive levels as you struggle to bring peace to a computer system overrun with invading viruses. Attack or avoid dozens of unique enemy types determined to thwart your progress.

Exception's controls have been carefully refined to offer responsive, precise movement without burdening the player with complexity. The result is a game that's just as easy to pick up and play on day one as it is years later. Easy to play yet challenging to master.